Get to know Cameramanager


Live viewing

Watch your cameras live via the Eagle Eye CameraManager application. You can view your videos within seconds of opening the software.


Your camera automatically saves footage to the cloud when connected to the Eagle Eye CameraManager application. We also support local storage on SD-cards and offer cloud back-up when your SD-card fails.

Detection & alarming

Don’t worry about what’s happening when you're not around. Eagle Eye CameraManager tells you when something is up, by sending a push-notification and/or email the moment your camera’s detect motion, sound or heat.


We understand your need for top level security when it comes to your business, office or shop. With Eagle Eye CameraManager you get bank level security, sub-user management, and more.


CLVR, video analytics in the cloud. World's first affordable, on demand and zero-configuration cloud based video analytics service.