Our vision

Humankind has been given scarce resources for vision. We believe that (our) technology can overcome this and will provide people a way to keep their world close by, clear and safe.

Our mission

We are dedicated to become the leading surveillance operator that provides the most professional cloud surveillance solutions to small business owners, entrepreneurs, security professionals and consumers worldwide through innovative software, dedicated hardware and outstanding service.

About the company

We believe that security is a basic need, whether it concerns a home, business or something else. Momentarily, surveillance is not attainable by every person in the world, because of the high costs of traditional security solutions. Cameramanager makes surveillance accessible, affordable and usable, for everyone, anywhere, and anytime. Serving the B2B market with Cameramanager and the B2C market with Nubo.


Cameramanager is Europe’s leading provider for cloud-based video surveillance. Currently, Cameramanager has two products on the market. Our B2B cloud surveillance solution Cameramanager, aimed at SME’s and enterprises. Cameramanager has been on the market for over 10 years, with thousands of connected cameras in EMEA, Asia, Latin America and expanding globally.

On March 2nd 2015 Eagle Eye CameraManager launched Nubo: world’s first 4G monitoring camera. Nubo helps you monitor all the things that you love, cherish and treasure, without using a Wi-Fi connection or when being on-the-go.


Our people are a perfect C.A.T.C.H.!

Everybody that works at Eagle Eye CameraManager is a true CATCH. It stands for Creative, Ambitious, Team player, Customer driven and Honest. These values are very important within the company and people we attract should at least have these skills to be a perfect CATCH!

Interested to become a CATCH yourself? Check our jobs.

A proud Amsterdam company
Besides the fact that we love to work with many nationalities such as Italian, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Ukrainian people, we're proud to be an Amsterdam based company. Our people love to work and live in Amsterdam and its suburbs.

Hard working people deserve a cool, stylish and inspiring office. We found this office in the business area Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, near to the Amsterdam Arena (AJAX soccer stadium). The office offers a mixture of old vintage style combined with light and white next generation styling, provided by HNK. A great place for people to relax, have fun and, of course, work.