Storage in the cloud

After connecting your camera to the Eagle Eye CameraManager application, we immediately & automatically start saving your footage to the cloud. Depending on your need, choose between 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days cloud storage and footage quality up to Full HD. For the best user experience we recommend our Business plan

SD card storage

Next to storage in the cloud, you can also use Eagle Eye CameraManager in combination with a SD card. Store your footage locally on your SD card and use our application to view your locally stored footage anywhere & anytime via the cloud. If your SD card fails we offer automatic cloud backup.


Schedule recordings

With our application, you can easily schedule when you want to start recording to the cloud. Choose between continuous recording, specific days & hours recording or only record when motion, heat or sound is detected. 


When viewing your footage, all videos are shown on a single timeline. Zoom in on a specific day or time. View entire recordings, or look at events that were recorded based on motion, heat or sound detection.