Eagle Eye CameraManager respects and protects the privacy of the individual who uses Cameramanager products and / or services. Specifically identified information about the individual will not be passed through to third parties without receiving your personal approval, as stated in this privacy statement. Cameramanager follows all laws & regulations as set by the European Union and only works with trusted data centers such as Telecity Group.

Cameramanager and video storage

Cameramanager hosts and records your videos and images on central servers. These images and videos are protected by the newest firewall and antivirus techniques. We will secure your images and videos in the best way possible. When abusal of your images and videos is noticed we will contact you as soon as possible.

What information do we collect?

Cameramanager does not collect unique information from you (like name and email address) except when you are specifically asked to supply us with these details and when you agree to do so. We do collect all kinds of data to improve and optimize our service. Therefore we collect data like, time of login, browser type, browser language and IP address of your visit.

With whom does share information?

Cameramanager could share information with advertisement agencies, partner companies or other companies. We only share general information of our users and do not share information that personally identifies you without your approval. Remember that we do share personal information in case we are forced by law in any kind. 

Your approval and changes in the policy

By using Cameramanager services, products and our website, you accept information we have explained in this privacy statement and our general terms. could decide when and whether this policy changes. We will always publish the changes on our website so you will always be informed about our policy towards collecting, using and sharing information and data about you personally and in general. 

Further questions and/or remarks?

You can always send us an email which we will answer as soon as possible. Our email address is