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    Eagle Eye CameraManager

    Eagle Eye CameraManager is the ideal video surveillance solution for small & medium businesses, such as stores, hairdressers, cafes and many more. Live view and manage your camera(s) anywhere & anytime, and watch stored HD footage via your computer, smartphone & tablet.

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    20,000+ companies trust Eagle Eye CameraManager's cloud surveillance

    • "With Cameramanager Wholesale we created a whole new business line because of the growing need for cloud based surveillance in Retail"

      Arie Kwakernaat, Director

    • "Headquarters in Sweden does not have to physically visit the stores anymore to see if the store layout is according the Hästens marketing standards"

      Nico Kromhout, Hästens Netherlands

    • "Part of our office experience concepts is offering an environment that is open, and where people can enter the building freely. With Cameramanager, we can offer this openness, while also looking out for the safety of our tenants. "

      Sven Brookhuis, SKEPP