Your business is something precious

And something to be proud of. Eagle Eye CameraManager helps you to keep it safe, by offering you world’s cleverest all-in-one surveillance solution to look after your business. By storing your videos and managing your cameras in the cloud, you can access your surveillance anywhere and anytime.


Ideal for small & medium businesses

Eagle Eye CameraManager is the ideal video surveillance solution for small & medium businesses, such as stores, hairdressers and cafes. With the hassle free setup (if you want, done by our installers) and easy-to-use apps for computer, smartphone & tablet, you have an eye on your shop, inventory or customers in no-time. It's that simple.

Why worry about what's happening when you are not around?

You want to know when your cameras detect something. Whether it's a customer entering your store, or an unwanted guest during the night. Eagle Eye CameraManager tells you when something is up, or when everything is just fine. When your cameras detect a human or object you immediately receive a notification, so you can take direct action.

Crystal clear images, both day & night

No matter the time of day, you want crystal clear images of your business. With the Eagle Eye CameraManager Cloud Camera you always get HD live images and recordings around the clock.

A cloud that caters to your need

Our cloud caters to your need, by offering 3 different types of storage. Go with 24 hours, if you only need to know what happened yesterday. Or go with a plan with 7 days or 30 days of cloud storage You can also combine cloud storage with local storage on an SD card.

Get Eagle Eye CameraManager today

Also want the best for your business? Eagle Eye CameraManager is available through Eagle Eye CameraManager Certified Resellers. Contact to find a reseller near you.