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We support our resellers by offering advise, help, and training

Sébastien Boeynaems
Marketing & Sales director at Sabelco
Paepsem Business Park Paapsemlaan 18B B-1070 Bruxelles

Paepsem Business Park
Paapsemlaan 18B
B-1070 Bruxelles
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The local link between Cameramanager and the resellers

A Cloud Partner is the local link between Cameramanager and the resellers. Sabelco is one of our partners. How does a reseller benefit from a Cloud Partner, and what are the advantages of being a Cloud Partner? Sébastien Boeynaems, responsible for marketing and sales at Sabelco, has the answers.

We support our resellers by offering advise, help, and training

“In these last years, a lot has changed in camera surveillance. While it used to be about hardware and IT, we now see that the Cloud becomes increasingly important. A great development that we see as the future. This new development does have consequences for the reseller. After all, customers will be having very different questions and demands. Excellent service and technical knowhow are becoming more and more important. We organize courses for resellers on sales and technology. That way they can help their customers confidently and well-informed. The result: happy customers and therefore continuity and growth of the reseller’s customer base. We’re solidly behind our resellers. We offer them super-fast distribution, and give support and advise if they’re stuck. Every region or country has its Cloud Partner. This local anchoring is important. You are physically close, speak each other’s language and understand the culture.”

We like to be in the lead when it comes to new technology

Sabelco has been a loyal partner of Panasonic for ten years. Working with Cameramanager was therefore a logical next step. “We like to be first when it comes to new opportunities and new technology. We don’t dive into just anything. It has to be very good. This is. We have complete faith in Cameramanager’s professional data centre. By working together with Cameramanager, we can keep the lead with regard to the Cloud. That knowledge we then gladly share with our resellers. The co-operation is going very well. It’s nice to put a new service on the market together. We’re making great progress together; it’s energizing.

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