An intelligent alarming system

CLVR is world's first affordable, on demand and zero-configuration cloud based video analytics service. CLVR uses a form of motion detection which significantly increases the proportion of relevant notifications a user will receive, by only sending alerts when a human or object is detected. For example, when a customer enters a store or when a car enters a car park. With CLVR a user doesn’t receive irrelevant notifications.

Human- & object detection

CLVR is a cloud-based and real-time human- & object detection feature in the Eagle Eye CameraManager application. With CLVR, you get access to high quality video surveillance, triggered by smart analytics and instantly accessible on any device.


Available with Cameramanager go!

CLVR is available as part of the Eagle Eye CameraManager all-in-one camera surveillance solution. Eagle Eye CameraManager consists of the Eagle Eye CameraManager Cloud Camera, a cloud storage plan, and access to all Cameramanager apps.