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Job: Open application

Amsterdam, October 16, 2016

About Cameramanager

Eagle Eye CameraManager is a fresh and young company founded by Eagle Eye Networks as an incubator for cutting edge cloud services and solutions. One of the first services we introduced is Cameramanager, which has revolutionized the security industry by taking the video surveillance market in Europe into the cloud. With Cameramanager we make it possible to view your cameras, store footage and receive push notifications, triggered by smart video detection events. This all happens in the cloud.
Our cloud has undergone a considerable growth throughout the years, resulting in a bandwidth volume with the size of 8.3 million iTunes songs and the storage need of 15 million YouTube videos. We currently handle millions of events per day.
The ambition for our company is to expand our camera-focused cloud into a true “cloud of things”. Making the internet of things a reality and creating the strongest, most advanced and reliable “cloud of things” platform within the next few years. We do this with the vision that humankind has been given scarce resources and believe that (our) technology can overcome this and will provide people a way to keep their world close by, clear and safe.


Love to come work with us, but can't find a matching vacancy? Send us a motivational letter and your CV, and tell us what you can do for Cameramanager!


We're always looking for new talen! We do want you to match a few requirements:

  • College level

  • A minimum of 2-3 years of working experience in development

  • Good communication skills in Dutch/English

  • Available for 40 hours per week


We offer a competitive salary and the possibility to become part of a growing company. We are looking for candidates living close (max 1 hour one way travel time) to Amsterdam.

Our jobs are based on a full time contract (40 working hours per week).


Please send a cover letter, along with your resume to