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See what happens, before motion is detected

Amsterdam, December 3, 2014

Users do not always benefit from only having footage recorded after motion is detected. The events that led up to the detection, can be equally, or even more, valuable. With the release of our new feature pre-buffer, we go beyond regular motion detection. With pre-buffer, available with the Cloud Camera, not only footage after motion is detected is recorded but also the 3 seconds before the event happened.

Beyond regular motion detection
With our advanced motion detection feature CLVR, we went beyond regular motion detection. With CLVR you only receive notifications when a person or object is detected. This filters out false-positives, for example lights turning on/off. By combining pre-buffer with the advanced motion detection of CLVR, cloud-based video surveillance becomes more value adding for business owners worldwide

See what led up to the detection
Pre-buffer is available with the Cameramanager Cloud Camera. On the inner memory of this camera, 3 seconds of footage are stored. When the camera detects motion, the Cameramanager app extract these 3 seconds of footage giving the user access to images of the events that led up to the detection.