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New feature: CLVR Lookup

Amsterdam, January 16, 2015

Today Cameramanager released a new feature within the Cameramanager desktop application: CLVR Lookup. With CLVR Lookup users can search for recordings based on motion detection in specified areas of interest. This makes the process of finding a specific recording much faster and more user friendly.

CLVR Lookup is part of the Cameramanager's video analytics feature CLVR. CLVR is the name within the Panasonic Cameramanager service, used to brand features and sub-products that help the user get relevant information by using video analytics. The basis for CLVR is cloud-based human detection analytics, 

How it works
Access the footage panel and your Cameramanager Cloud Camera. Select a specific area of your camera image by dragging the cursor over the desired area. Click to select the area. CLVR Lookup will automatically show you the recordings based on motion detection for the selected area. Learn more about how CLVR Lookup works, by viewing the video below.