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Amsterdam, May 20, 2015

Panasonic Cameramanager brings two great new features to the application: a dashboard giving quick access to your zones modes, a quick overview of the latest events and it shows you the status of your cameras. Furthermore, we have added instant recording playback.


The Dashboard
Are my zones in the right mode? Are my cameras recording like I want to? Are all cameras online? With this month’s release we are answering all these questions in one quick overview: the dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to quickly change your zone's mode. You can also view your latest events and quickly playback the footage of these events. Finally, there is also an overview of your cameras with which you can quickly spot issues. The cameras overview allows you to quickly view the cameras or, if they are offline, go to the settings page to check if everything is set up correctly.



Instant playback
With instant recording playback we have cut the server processing time back to zero. Were the difference between live view and recording footage used to be 15 minutes, you can now immediately view your footage. Just seconds after it has been recorded.

This means that if you receive a notification that something is happening, you can now immediately view what happened!

See our release notes for all features including the list of bug fixes.