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Job: Video Analytics Developer

Amsterdam, November 17, 2016

About Cameramanager

Eagle Eye CameraManager is a fresh and young company founded by Eagle Eye Networks as an incubator for cutting edge cloud services and solutions. One of the first services we introduced is Cameramanager, which has revolutionized the security industry by taking the video surveillance market in Europe into the cloud. With Cameramanager we make it possible to view your cameras, store footage and receive push notifications, triggered by smart video detection events. This all happens in the cloud.

Our cloud has undergone a considerable growth throughout the years, resulting in a bandwidth volume with the size of 8.3 million iTunes songs and the storage need of 15 million YouTube videos. We currently handle millions of events per day.

The ambition for our company is to expand our camera-focused cloud into a true “cloud of things”. Making the internet of things a reality and creating the strongest, most advanced and reliable “cloud of things” platform within the next few years. We do this with the vision that humankind has been given scarce resources and believe that (our) technology can overcome this and will provide people a way to keep their world close by, clear and safe.


As video analytics (VA) developer you’re working on the video analytics part of our CLVR suite and you’re responsible for developing and integrating new types of video analytics into our Cameramanager video surveillance platform. You can think of human detection, people counting and tracking, heat mapping, age and gender detection and many more interesting video analytics algorithms. Your goal is to integrate, implement and fine-tune video algorithms into our core back-end and to turn them into real functional features within the software that provide value to our customers.

You will be responsible, together with your video analytics colleague(s), for extracting interesting information out of our over tens of thousands simultaneous video streams and to create relevant alarms, statistics and information for our customers from this information. Your goal is to make our customers just look at the data, alarms or output rather than the video itself, just because you made it more efficient for the customer.

As our video analytics runs in the cloud and is being used by thousands of customers at the same time, you need to have eye for detail, have strong optimization and tuning skills and have the strong ambition to create the best breed of cloud-based video analytics running efficiently on the cloud. As a video analytics developer you are focussed on developing back-end features, delivering API calls to your team members and to integrate the CLVR features into the user interface.


  • Academic level in a Computer Science field    
  • Preferably two years of continuous, practical java / C++ (back-end) development experience, most of which in a professional organization
  • Ability to independently work on a project and get things done
  • The ability to identify technical requirements for the communication with other components and express them in a technical clear manner
  • Ability to identify and find open source libraries that should fulfill a certain purpose and integrate them into a project
  • The ability to quickly learn and adapt new programming concepts and the strong will to continuously improve development skills, and keeping up to date with latest technologies
  • Excellent communication skills (written / spoken - business English)
  • Experience with Linux
  • Experience with OpenCV library, HTTP, XML, and Sockets are a plus
  • Experience with GIT, Jira (Atlassian) and  Scrum experience are a plus


Are you a real CATCH?!


  • Creativity - Able to turn algorithms into value adding features
  • Ambition - Have the ultimate ambition to run the most advanced algorithms smoothly on the cloud
  • Teamplayer - Provide your front-end team members a good analytics API
  • Customer driven - Create analytics that matters to the customers
  • Honest - The ambition to provide our customers the ultimate reality on what happened in front of their camera


We offer a competitive salary with possibilities for being part of a growing company.
This position is open to candidates living close (max 1 hour one way travel time) to Amsterdam.

This job is a full time contract (40 working hours per week).


Please write a cover letter, along with your resume to: