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Cameramanager 14.2 released

Amsterdam, April 4, 2014

Last week Cameramanager released Cameramanager 14.2. With this scheduled release, both the online beta Java application and mobile apps are updated with new features. Also several  important bugs are fixed.  
Integration of 360° cameras 
From now on the 360° cameras of Axis and Panasonic are fully integrated in our application. Use Cameramanager’s application to get the most out of your 360° camera: change between the different views of the camera: 1x 360° view, 2x 180° view or 4x 90° view with the click of a button, use presets for a quick view of your business and use the guard tour to automatically change between views. 
Add a camera via your smartphone or tablet 
With this release you’re now able to add a new camera to the application via your smartphone or tablet. In the past this was only possible in the online Java application and with this feature we hope to give our customers an even simpler way to use Cameramanager. 
Bug fixes 
In this release some important bugs are fixed. An overview can be found in the release notes which can be found here
We hope our customers enjoy this release. If you do encounter any problems or issues don't hesitate to contact us via