Back to overview prepares for internationalization by expanding with TelecityGroup

Amsterdam, April 23, 2013

Starting at October 1st 2012, will expand its current capacity in the data centre. "Because of the expected growth abroad, we need more storage space. TelecityGroup is Europe's leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres and therefore we only work with them”, said Tijmen Vos, CEO

Ultra Modern

Since the start in 2007 has been working with TelecityGroup. The fact that they are collaborating with them to expand the storage in order to provide the sufficient service for our international growth, says a lot about how positive they are about the work and craftsmanship that TelecityGroup delivers. Currently, the servers of are accommodated at one of the Data centres of the TelecityGroup. But a while ago, TelecityGroup built a new data centre in Amsterdam. This comprehensive and modern centre is fully equipped. For example, the 9MW data centre AMS 5 offers a solid power supply, efficient cooling, enhanced security and unprecedented connectivity.

For the customer

"A data centre as the TelecityGroup offers much more than a good security and professional internet connections. It offers our customers a safe storage. And that is an important extension of the service we offer as; ‘securing your shop, office or home”, says Tijmen Vos.


The demand for cloud-based video security services is increasing and thus has grown considerably in recent years. "Now we are expanding in countries like Turkey and Brazil, we need considerably more capacity to meet the rising. TelecityGroup is an innovative company that wants to grow. They have the same drive, passion and goals as we do. And that is a solid base to work together "says Tijmen Vos.

About is a dedicated surveillance operator whose mission it is to make the world and more transparent. Therefore is the European leader in online camera surveillance. Through our innovative security service, we ensure that your shop, office or home is secured 24/. The recordings are always available through a special app on your smartphone and tablet or PC and Mac. was established in 2007 and is now a part of Detron Corporation Netherlands. has 50.000 connections in more than 10 countries worldwide and has built strong partnerships with strong brands such as Axis, Panasonic, Dell and more than 100 trusted resellers.

About TelecityGroup Data centre

TelecityGroup is Europe's leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres. TelecityGroup specializes in the design, construction and management of robust and secured environments with high connectivity, where companies have mission-critical web and internet infrastructure. With multiple offices across 9 different cities, TelecityGroup is located on the main European connectivity hubs.