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Eagle Eye CameraManager: New Subscriptions

Amsterdam, October 3, 2017


We launched our new subscriptions for Eagle Eye CameraManager. With this, we offer a new standard for all Eagle Eye CameraManager partners. The new subscriptions replace the existing Starter, Business, and Professional subscriptions and come with better and improved features.


With these new subscriptions, we significantly improved the quality of the video stream and video footage with more frames per second and better video quality. This way end users get the cloud video experience they need.


Together with these new subscriptions, we now offer more flexibility with longer retention options. All Eagle Eye CameraManager partners can now choose between 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days, and even 1 or 2 years of video history. All in the cloud.

All plans include desktop and mobile access, unlimited sub-users, and unlimited alerts.


The new subscriptions are available in the portal and via the API. Like to switch one of the below subscriptions? Just login to the Partner Portal and up- or downgrade to the plan of your choice.

Like to learn more on the subscriptions? Please contact us.

  SD HD 720P HD 1080P
No Cloud Storage CM-10
7 days SD1-D7 HD1-D7 HD2-D7
14 days SD1-D14 HD1-D14 HD2-D14
30 days SD1-D30 HD1-D30 HD2-D30
60 days SD1-D60 HD1-D60 HD2-D60
90 days SD1-D90 HD1-D90 HD2-D90
180 days SD1-D180 HD1-D180 HD2-D180
365 days SD1-D365 HD1-D365 HD2-D365
730 days SD1-D730 HD1-D730 HD2-D730
Not sure what new subscription matches your old subscription?
If you were on one of the old subscriptions and like to continue with one of the new ones, these are the subscriptions that match the same features: Starter and SD1-D7 are almost the same, the new subscription even comes with more retention days. Business matches the new HD1-D7 and Professional matches HD2-D30.