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Amsterdam, March 24, 2015

Cloud surveillance got even smarter with a big Panasonic Cameramanager release. We would like to introduce two great new features: an upgraded version of Human Detection and Arm/Disarm.


Specify what you are looking for

The video analytics feature CLVR got even smarter with upgraded Human Detection. From now on users can choose whether the camera should be looking for objects or humans. Providing more freedom to really narrow down what the camera should be paying attention to.


Switching as you please

With Arm/Disarm users can switch cameras on and off in real time. Until now cameras could only be switched on or off by schedule, leaving no room to fly off the schedule. This belongs to the past now, shaping the technology to the users behavior instead of the other way around.

This comes with a change in settings: before a camera could operate without being assigned to a location. From now on every camera must be assigned to a zone. Zones - replacing the former locations - can now be armed, disarmed, private, silenced or scheduled by the switch of a button.


Easy planning

As part of this update scheduling is made much clearer: you now have the option to schedule recordings and notifications independently for motion, audio and infrared. As an extra this schedule is now your own personal schedule and no longer bound to all (sub-)users.

As you can see usability and cloud surveillance is evolving every day. Take a look at the release notes for details.