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Old Desktop Client Termination

Amsterdam, December 9, 2016

A few years back we launched our new desktop application with better performance and even more features like zones & modes, and of course the timeline. Since then we always offered both our old and our new applications as downloads.

To bring you the best experience with the newest features and highest performance possible, we will stop offering our old desktop application per 01-01-2017. If you or your customers are using the old application, please switch to the new desktop application by downloading it here. In case you are already using the new application you don't need to take any action.



The new interface is designed to help you get the most out of Panasonic Cameramanager. The new client with the new interface is packed with extra features and we made existing features easier to use.



CLVR is our affordable, on demand and zero-configuration cloud-based video analytics service. CLVR uses a form of motion detection which significantly increases the proportion of relevant notifications you receive.

To find your footage and CLVR events the old calendar view has been replaced by the Timeline. The timeline provides an easy to navigate interface making sure footage and events are quickly accessible and searchable.



Zones - replacing the former locations - can now be armed, disarmed, silenced, scheduled or set to private by the switch of a button.

The Dashboard allows you to quickly change your zone's mode. You can also view your latest events and quickly playback the footage of these events. Finally, there is also an overview of your cameras with which you can quickly spot issues. The cameras overview allows you to quickly view the cameras or, if they are offline, go to the settings page to check if everything is set up correctly.