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Panasonic brings video analytics to the cloud

Amsterdam, June 13, 2014

Panasonic today announced the launch of CLVR (pronounced clever), the world’s first affordable, on demand and zero configuration cloud based video analytics service.


Available as part of a subscription to Panasonic Cameramanager, CLVR helps businesses to optimise their video surveillance with intelligent alarming and storage via the cloud. The first feature launched under the CLVR label is CLVR Detection.


Tijmen Vos, COO Panasonic Cloud Management Service Europe, said, “Most modern day security cameras offer some form of motion detection. The trouble with motion detection is that the user either gets too many irrelevant notifications, or too few relevant ones. CLVR Detection significantly increases the proportion of relevant notifications a user will receive.”


Cameras connected to the Panasonic Cameramanager application running CLVR, are able to send relevant notifications when, for example, customers enter a store or when a car enters a car park.


CLVR is the combined result of collaboration between TNO, Vicar Vision and Panasonic Cameramanager, utilising a €200K grant from the Small Business Research Innovation (SBIR) project.


TNO, a global leading research institute, provided the algorithms. Vicar Vision, an R&D company, manipulated the algorithm to be optimised for the cloud. Cameramanager turned the algorithm into a working cloud-based video analytics solution, able to detect relevant movements of humans & objects, and trigger an alarm.

CLVR is aimed at SMEs and enterprises that want to get the most of their surveillance solution. Tijmen Vos explains, “We wanted to give small and medium sized business owners access to high quality video surveillance, triggered by smart analytics and instantly accessible from mobile devices and PCs.


“The next step is making monitoring of people movements and reporting available as part of the Cameramanager subscription. This is the kind of information major retailers use already and can help any business owner stay ahead of the curve,” Vos says.

CLVR will be available from July 1st as part of all Cameramanager Business & Professional plans and will be rolled-out starting in the Benelux, as part of the Cameramanager go! all-in-one camera surveillance solution.

Learn more about CLVR
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