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Launch CLVR & Cameramanager Cloud Camera

Amsterdam, July 3, 2014


Today Panasonic Cameramanager launched CLVR and the Cameramanager Cloud Camera. CLVR, pronounced 'clever' is world's first affordable, on-demand and zero-config cloud-based video analytics service. Available with the Cameramanager Cloud Camera, CLVR helps businesses to optimize their video surveillance with intelligent alarming and storage via the cloud. 


With CLVR, we are revolutionizing the security industry by bringing world's first affordable, on demand and zero configuration cloud-based video analytics service on the market. CLVR is a real-time object detection feature within the Cameramanager application. This feature signifanctly increases the number of irrelevant notifications when, for example, leaves blow in the wind, now belong to the past!

Cameramanager Cloud Camera
With the launch of CLVR, we've also released our new ip-camera, the Cameramanager Cloud Camera. This camera will be exclusively sold by Cameramanager and currently is the only camera we've released CLVR on: making this truly the 'cleverest' camera there is.

Besides the integration of CLVR, the Cameramanager Cloud Camera differentiates itself with true day/night vision, high definition images (up to HD h720P), SD-card integration, WiFi and motion-, sound- and heat detection (the latter via infrared). A great indoor camera for SME's and Enterprises. 

More information 
You read the full release notes here. For commercial information about CLVR and the availability of the Cameramanager Cloud Camera, contact our Sales Managers via sales@cameramanager or +31 (0)88 00 68 450.