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Release notes 14.5.0

Amsterdam, November 20, 2014

With the latest release, Cameramanager offers new features, improvements and bug fixes within the Cameramanager desktop application.

Timeline improvements
We made the timeline more user-friendly, by adding markers when an event is detected with infrared (PIR) and audio. With this improvement you get a quick and easy overview of what has been detected by your cameras. Also, you can now scroll between multiple days, while playing back footage. No need to select the next day manually, when you reach the end of the previous day.

In-app firmware updating for the Cloud Camera
Update the firmware of your Cloud Camera (Panasonic K-EP104LW) directly in the Cameramanager application.

Pre-buffer for the Cloud Camera
With pre-buffer for the Cloud Camera we offer you not just the footage of a (via motion, sound or PIR) detected event, but also the footage of what happened 3 seconds before the event.

For a complete overview of all improvements, features and a full list of bug fixes visit our support page